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Used Drum Kits

SKU: s000077991
Used Zickos CLEAR ACRYLIC Drum Kit 5 Piece Kit None
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Used Zickos clear acrylic 5-piece drum kit. Comes with some old Rogers tom mounts, if you want to use them, also comes with cases for the toms. No snare case, which is probably why it looks like it was tied to a bumper and dragged to a few gigs. These are rare, but this kit is in very rough condition. The hardware is pitted and there are tons of cracks in the snare and a few in other places. Comes with a 12,13, 16, 22, and 6" deep snare (14). Sold "AS IS" and priced accordingly. Some people say that you can fix the cracks, but it would take a lot of work.

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