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Used Tube Guitar Amps

Used Carol Ann TRIPTIK 2 Tube Guitar Amp

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 Used, barely.... Carol-Ann Triptik 2 head is a 50-watt true rock amp that is capable of reproducing both timeless classic rock tones to modern high gain tones with a super tight and crushing low end. The design of this amplifier is a true ground up design and has not been inspired by any other amplifier out there. It is an original back to the drawing board design.>Available in two models, the LP (Low Power) Version will run EL34/6L6//KT77/KT66 for 50W and 6V6 for 18W or the HP (High Power) version that will run with EL34/6L6/KT77/KT66 for 100W and KT88/6550 for 130W. Tube selection is achieved by an internal switch setting on the AutoBiasMon board and is possible by the customer, as is retubing. Thanks to the AutoBiasMon system, biasing the amp is simply achieved by pressing a button and letting the amp calibrate itself for the perfect bias for the tubes and wall voltage. 

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