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Mint condition with hardshell case. "We used to always get older Martin ukes in our repair shop, and have refinished over 50 old Martin’s. We are very familiar with the old Martin ukes and this Kiwaya KTS-4 replicates the vintage Style 0 in look, sound, and feel like no other uke being made. In fact, it sounds as good as the vintage Martin’s and the wood has not even aged yet!! This ukulele is the quintessential ukulele tone. The sound of early Hawaiian music and Tin Pan Alley. This ukulele has all of the richness and warmth of a vintage uke, but with spot on intonation and finish. Japan has long been known for their meticulous attention to detail with fine instrument construction. This ukulele is a great example. Kiwaya builders display an exactness and refinement that is second to none. When we were at the 2011 music trade show, NAMM, Aaron mentioned numerous times that we should carry Kiwaya. This is their most popular model, and for good reason. No extra cost for fancy stuff, just straight up great tone! This is what Kiwaya says from their website: “Kiwaya Ukuleles are built as light as possible for tone and projection. Our craftsmen pay close attention to details such as intonation, action, playability and cosmetic appearance. Kiwaya Ukuleles are all made in Japan and are the only Japanese-built ukuleles available in the U.S. market.” The 2017 KTS-4 now has upgraded ebony freboard and bridge and Gotoh UPT 4:1 gear ratio tuners making it even better!"

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