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Used Tube Guitar Amps

Price Reduction
Used Framus DRAGON Tube Guitar Amp 100 Watts

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Used Framus Dragon boutique tube amp in great condition with matching Framus stereo 412 cabinet also great condition. This speaker cabinet is up and down stereo, instead of the standard left and right stereo. This three channel tube head has clean, crunch, and lead options.  Each channel provides a three-band EQ with presence, gian, and volume, and the amp overall has a master volume control. The back of this amp offer switchable impedance from 4 ohm, 8 ohm, or 16 ohm. This amp also offers midi-in and midi-out. Tube response is also variable individual tube bias control. This amp also has an effect loop with a wet-dry blend of the loop. This speaker cabinet is equipped with 25W Greenback Celestion G-12M 8 ohm speakers. One wheel is not secure and falls out when lifted.

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