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Instrument Repair


Meet the repair staff  


Rajiah Johnson - Band instrument repair


Spend a few minutes talking to Rajiah and you realize that his repair knowledge goes deep. Still, he will always admit if something isn’t his cup of tea. Rajiah has a following with local and nationally recognized players. He has worked with Maceo Parker, Joe Ford, Steve Clarke and other respected players. He specializes in difficult cases requiring “woodwind chiropractic” work. Bring in your piccolo, vintage sax, bass clarinet without worry. Rajiah is on staff as our repair department QC advisor. He performs advanced work, so drop-off required.



Experience: 22+ years
Technical training: Southeast Technical College
Rates: Per job, by quote only
Availability: Mon-Thursday, 10am-3pm, Sunday 12-5pm
Specialty: Student to Pro horns, rare and vintage horns
Other services: Professional flutist, compound bend repair, vintage instrument appraisal.





Dominic Belardi - Band instrument and guitar repair

Dom has had a passion for repairing all sort of musical instruments for as long as he can remember.  He loves fixing them, because he loves playing them.  He wants to help you keep your gear playing the best it can.   He plays guitar and woodwinds, but likes to dabble in the didgeridoo and other exotic instruments.  He loves to talk with customers who have questions about getting the most enjoyment out of their instruments.  So feel free to call and ask away.  


Technical training:  Southeast Techincal College (studied under J. Michael Leonard)

Rates:  Per job, please request a quote

Availability:  Tues-Saturday

Specialty:  Woodwinds, double reeds, guitar setup

Other services:  advice on horn selection by experience level, repair advice, reed advice single or double. 



Emily Kellerman - Orchestral Instrument Repair   

Emily has been making and repairing violin-family instruments since 2001.  After deciding to become a luthier at age 16, she set about finding the best path to fulfill her dreams.  She graduated from the Violin Repair course at Minnesota State College- Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN, and from the Violin Making and Restoration course at North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA.  Following that, Emily apprenticed with award-winning violinmaker William Scott for six years.  In May 2011, Emily and her husband Joe opened Modern Day Music in West St Paul.

Emily's experience has taught her to respect the genius of Andreas Amati, the creator of the violin. The first violins were built in the early 1500s, and not much has changed in the intervening 510 years. When working on an instrument, it is important to remember that each adjustment can affect more than one aspect of the instrument's proportions. Everything must be aligned correctly for the instrument to sound at its best. Since violin-family instruments are made of wood, which can change over time and even from season to season, a conscientious approach is a must.

Emily does our work on finer instruments, bow hairing and finish work.  Allow 1-3 weeks turnaround for Emily's work, which she does from Modern Day Music in St. Paul.


Experience: 12+ years
Technical training: North Bennet Street School Boston, MA
MN State College Southeast Technical Red Wing, Mn.
Rates: by job, free estimates.
Availability: seasonal, approximately 1-3 weeks, rush service available for an extra fee. 
Specialty: Violin, viola and cello bridge shaping, restrings, damage repair, setups, full restoration.
Other services: Builds custom violins and is available as a cellist. 


Lee Swenson, violin setup and repair.


Lee has been playing violin since he was a wee lad. In orchestra through college, and even now with the bluegrass group "Glory Bound".  Lee also plays guitar and sings in his own jazzy Christmas series.  After a lengthy career as a minister, in 2003, he decided to go to violin luthier school and start fixing up bowed instruments.  He has a degree in Musical Stringed Instrument Repair as a result.  Lee does most of our setup, bridge, and stringing work.  He offers a great turnaround time and good pricing.  Lee lives near the store, and does his work in his home shop.   He is an avid cyclist, having worked in several bike shops.  Drop off your violin, viola, cello, or upright bass for a quote today!
Experience:  13+ years
Technical training:  Southeast Technical College, Red Wing, Mn.
Luthier, St. Paul Schools, Brickhouse music, Stillwater music, Music Go Round, Woodbury
Rates:  by the job, free estimates
Turnaround, typically 1-5 days
Specialty:  Violin, cello setup, restring, bridge and crack repair



Lessons at Music Go Round
Whether you are a beginner or ready to take the stage, we’ve got you covered. At Music Go Round. we provide the best educators in the area to help you get to the next level. We care about your success as a musician, so contact one of our educators to schedule your first lesson today!